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What is BAKAPOWER UPS-PLUS UPS generator?

We talk a lot about power station ups generators they are our bread and butter, and they help us power our necessities. UPS power station generator facts and figures are pretty straightforward, so let’s get you caught up on what they are, how to use them, and what’s right for you.

BAKAPOWER UPS-PLUS uses an AC outlet directly, and a solar panel to recharge the battery pack. Our UPS power stations are portable, and they provide clean energy to recharge our devices or power our homes, hospitals, banks, and government and private offices.

The BAKAPOWER UPS-PLUS power station models BP1K100, BP2K200, and BP3K400 power station generators are our most versatile power solutions. It can be used for everything from small and medium offices or homes to backing up fridges, TVs, computers, printers, and so on.

Our top capacity BAKAPOWER UPS-PLUS power station BP5K400 and BP10K400 power station generators are built for the most power-hungry devices and appliances out there. BAKAPOWER UPS-PLUS 5000W and 10,000W can keep your home and office running up to 12 hours and it can charge directly from solar panel or any AC outlets from your home or office within short period of time.


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Why buy Teqsun

UPS generator system
Solar system built in
Can be installed in residential and commercial properties
on grid and off grid point
Affordable expansion (upgradable)
Cover all your power interruption with one central power station instead of to many small UPS
Two years warranty
Clean, safe, quiet, gasless and odorless power you can depend on
Recharge by solar panel, and AC outlet
500 WATT up to 10,000 WATT

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